Company Information

Build Form Limited was founded in 2013. Since its inception, the company has grown to earn a stellar reputation as a design and construction outfit. With an experienced focus team, we have been able to undertake a myriad of projects. We have a broad portfolio of successfully designed and some completed projects across a range of sectors including residential, renovation, commercial, educational and recreational. We have established ourselves as an outfit that prioritizes quality, creativity and excellence. Design and construction services provided by Build Form Limited is built on a hollistic research and cost effective base. We value the active participation of our clients throughout the entire design and construction journey hence we work hand-in-hand with our clients on design programming,scheme development and all other related processes. The purpose is to achieve a client and climate responsive design that embodies the characteristics of a high-standard architecture. The aim of of our design and construction approach is to provide spaces worth every bit of the experience and an ideal contemporary-living environment.

Design Methodology

We ensure that our designs conveniently responds to the existing environmental, geographical, cultural and behavioural context of our project location. Each member of our talented design and construction team offers their specialized expertise via an integrated design approach to cover all the facets of a project, from concept design to construction supervision.

Company Outlook

At Build Form Limited, we seek to create a multi-faceted company in the built environment with strategic alliances to give customers what they want and need with the delivery of effective, quality and unparalleled service. Catering to client needs and aspirations to inspire positive outlooks with honesty and integrity in a sustainable and mutually beneficial way is also our key mission.